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On December 8, 2012

Got Mold?

A water leak is one of the most insidious problems a homeowner can have, and unfortunately for many, often goes undetected until a significant amount of damage is done.

For one thing, a water leak in a roof can start up to one year before water actually enters the house, and given that mold can grow in a matter of three days, the supporting roof structures, attic (if any) and ceilings can display enormous spore growth. And once mold begins to grow, treatment will require professional assistance, and may even mean that the home is not safe to live in, and must be evacuated.

As most of the homes that ASAP ROOFING treats are occupied by families with children, safety is always a primary concern. In TOXICITY magazine, mold expert Dr. Axe reported that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more than 100 million Americans live with dangerous toxins in their homes. That’s a lot of people risking their health due to mold or other toxins. Dr. Axe then went further to cite a 2007 study published in The American Journal of Public Health where a link between mold and depression was found. In this study led by Brown University epidemiologist, Edmond Shenassa, the team actually set out to disprove the association between mold and depression reported in several studies out of the United Kingdom.

However, the team found a link between homes with mold and residents with symptoms of depression after studying data from more than 6,000 European adults. Depression is the latest health problem from dangerous, sometimes deadly mold in the home.


And if becoming depressed due to mold isn’t enough, it may also affect to long term value of your home. As reported on the budgeting money website, ( ) property valuation experts Marion R. Johnson, Paul A. Welcome and Darla Frank found that a severely infested luxury home in Kansas lost 53 percent of its value because of an active mold infestation. Jack C. Schoppa, a financial adviser, writing in “Realty Times,” summarizes other case studies to find an average devaluation of 17 to 23 percent because of the presence of mold. Regardless of the actual amount of devaluation, which Schoppa points out is subjective, other issues such as the unavailability of insurance can make it difficult to sell any property that is infested with mold.

Neither of these scenarios are good for either the homeowner or ASAP ROOFING. After all, ASAP ROOFING is in the business of helping people and would much rather fix a roof leak, prevent mold, and help the homeowner retain the home’s value, than find mold, and possibly have to tell the family that their home is unsafe to live in, and may have lost value.

And the best news of all? Checking your home for water leaks often takes no more than 45 minutes, and any one of the roofing experts at ASAP ROOFING would be glad to help.

Written by Nick Dorotik


Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.


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  • By kirk  5 Comments 

    Posted by Dan Mestas on
    • Dec 20 2012
    Mold is gross. Im from texas and down here that word isnt allowed when talking to insurance unless you want to get dropped. Is it true that i have a one percent deductible due to mold?
      Posted by admin on
      • Dec 20 2012
      You have a %1 deductible because you live in an area that has a lot of catastrophic weather.

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