Are your gutters protecting your home? • ASAP Roofing Are your gutters protecting your home? • ASAP Roofing
On January 9, 2013

Are your gutters protecting your home?

gutter with downspout.

When ASAP ROOFING inspects a homeowner’s roof, one of their primary concerns is water damage — and not just damage to the actual roof, but also the home’s foundation. But a leaky roof isn’t the only thing that can lead to moisture causing the home’s foundation to deteriorate. Gutters, which are designed to channel water away from the foundation are imperative to protecting the structural integrity of your house.


More often than not, if the roof has leaks, the gutters also become overstressed and damaged, resulting in clogs, holes and sagging. According to Jason Stutzman, director of home maintenance and repair for Brothers Redevelopment in Denver, “Gutters are one of those things where routine maintenance and inspecting them can really prevent bigger problems down the road.”

So let’s take a look at the gutter problems that the specialists at ASAP ROOFING see most often, and just how they can be fixed.


Clogged gutters


Gutters can clog very easily, which makes this the most common problem. Factors such as frequency of storms, proximity of trees, and wind residue can all lead to gutters that will sag and pull away from the roof. 

Most homeowners can clean their own gutters quite easily, with the use of a ladder, scraping brush and garden hose. Once the gutters are flushed clean, this process should be repeated yearly.

If your gutters tend to clog more frequently than once a year, a great option to consider is gutter covers. These mesh screens, clip-on grates, and porous foam will help prevent accumulation of sediment in the gutters and the need for more frequent cleaning.


Sagging gutters and disconnected gutters


Hangers for roof gutters are important to support the weight of the gutter and should be spaced 24-32 inches apart. Spaced further than this and the fasteners can begin to pull away from the fascia of the home. Luckily, hangers are relatively inexpensive and generally cost $10 or less apiece, while the fasteners run about $1 each.


old leaking guters

Gutters with leaks and holes


One of the simplest and least expensive gutter repairs, sealing leaky gutter joints can be accomplished by caulking the joint from the inside with a $5 tube of gutter sealant. Larger holes, on the other hand, will require a gutter patching kit at the hardware store, or a patch made from metal flashing.


Improperly pitched gutters


The purpose of pitching a gutter is to facilitate water flow toward the downspout. If you have standing water and your gutter is not clogged, it’s possible that your gutter is improperly pitched. Gutters should be pitched, or slanted 1/16 of an inch per foot.
To correct improper pitch, connect a chalk line between the peak and the downspout. You may notice that due to the shifting of your home’s foundation (which can be related to numerous factors) there may be spots where your gutter deviates from the downward pitch toward the downspout. Sometimes this problem can be fixed by bending the hanger and lowering the gutter. If this does not resolve the problem, you gutter can always be rehung to correct the pitch.


Downspouts draining too close to the foundation


Downspouts should extend at least 5 feet from the home, and more in cases where the ground slopes toward the home’s foundation. Gutter extensions — which will prevent this problem — attached to the bottom of the downspout are inexpensive and easy to install.


Missing gutters


Missing gutters obviously expose your home to significant water damage. Gutters that function properly are also often required by your homeowner’s insurance policy as an important preventative measure. There are numerous types of gutters that can be installed, including four-inch and five-inch.


As always, ASAP ROOFING is committed to helping you find the best solutions for your home, including roofing, siding, insulation, and yes gutters. We are happy to help you repair your existing gutters, or replace the gutter system entirely — just visit us at

Written by Nick Dorotik


Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.


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  • By kirk  5 Comments 

    Posted by Felix on
    • Jan 9 2013
    Greetings Nick! Thanks for signing these posts, now I know whom to address. I was just curious on some of the options that are available to me with respect to protecting my house from the rain. While I lived in europe we used copper gutters, they were study, don't rust, and will looks even better 20 years from now then they do after a good installation. Joints are typically soldered and are leak free after then install. Do you guys offer similar services as well or are seamless gutters the closest I can get to? Currently my house does not have any gutters at all, thus there will be a need to install them in the coming future. Also what is the typical cost for the following gutter types by the foot (Copper, seamless, sectional)? Thanks in advance for the help!
      Posted by admin on
      • Jan 12 2013
      Copper gutters range from $25-$35/foot. Copper is generally used to compliment rock/slate roofs.
    Posted by Juan Martinez on
    • Jan 10 2013
    Vivo en tejas y compre una casa que no lleva canales. Hay riesgo en eso?
      Posted by admin on
      • Jan 11 2013
      No hay riesgo, pero siempre es mejor tener canales.

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