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On February 7, 2013

Surenail Technology — Really a Roofing Breakthrough?

A Press release dated April 6, 2006 suggested that Owens Corning new Surenail Technology, “Delivers Faster Installation and Highest Wind Resistance of Any Entry-Level Laminated Product.”

And although there have been doubters that any one technology could really withstand 130 MPH wind, reduce shingle buckling, or leaking, when Owens Corning traded the previous nailing strip for a thinner but stronger reinforced fabric strip, the result was indeed, remarkable.

As the fabric overlays the seam of the shingle laminate layers, not only does it offer better fastener holding power, the enhanced, patented Owens Corning, “Tru-Bond” sealant grips to the fabric nailing strip better than it would to a shingle alone.

Best of all, although the Owens Corning new Surenail Technology reduces the total amount of nails used by 33% — reducing the risk of leakage due to rust at nail penetrations — it has not lost anything in the strength department as the roof itself it actually more wind resistance. In fact, Owens Corning warranties the new roof technology up to 130 mph wind.


Here is what the company itself has to say about it’s new technology:


“SureNail wider nailing area with the industry’s most clearly defined nailing zone — Embedded SureNail strips clearly define where to nail, giving the installer a larger target, eliminating any confusion about nailing boundaries and speeding the installation process. Faster installation can enhance profitability and fewer nailing errors can mean fewer call backs. Highest wind resistance rating of any entry-level laminated shingle — Instead of the shingle sealant gripping only rough granules of the shingle below, innovative placement of Owens Corning’s TruBond® sealant grips the shingle’s SureNail strip, providing double the bond strength of our previous Oakridge® shingle. This allows Oakridge PRO 30® shingles to carry an industry-leading wind resistance rating of 110 MPH*, and 130 MPH* for Oakridge PRO 40® and Oakridge Pro 50® shingles. Instant, flat installation — Unlike most laminated shingles, strategic placement of the SureNail strip eliminates humps or “fish mouths” typically associated with newly-applied laminate shingles, providing homeowners a great looking roof immediately, even in colder climates, helping to reduce the chance of call backs.”



As ASAP ROOFING is always wanting to deliver the best quality products to it’s customers, Surenail Technology, along with Owens Corning Roof Shingles are the preferred product installed on all ASAP roofs. for more information about Surenail Technology or ASAP ROOFING, just


Written by Nick Dorotik


Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.


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  • By kirk  3 Comments 

    Posted by Felix on
    • Feb 19 2013
    I do have to ask one question here.... So yeah we have got sure nail technology on these... can you promise me your roofers don't nail over or under the strip? Is it really big enough that they always hit the strip even after a long evening or night out? Nothing against the tech but I guess what I'm asking is does anyone besides the city inspect the roofs for proper installation and good execution/use of these features.
      Posted by admin on
      • Feb 20 2013
      We back all of our work with a ten year labor warranty, and we can guarantee that all roofs are installed according to manufacturing specifications.
    Posted by Biobiohak on
    • Jul 27 2015
    Here is the resource information you’ll need to make this experience a positive one by using one of Owens Corning™ Certified Roofing Contractors.

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