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On March 21, 2013

Are Your Gutters Protected?

Did you know that the most common cause of wood rot at the edge of your roof is unprotected gutters? When gutters fill with debris, water collects at the roof’s edge and can easily rot wood, leak into the house, and lead to mold growth.



According to Igor Kublitskiy, a co-owner of the Denver based roofing company, ASAP ROOFING, debris collection in gutters is a very common occurrence in Colorado. “We are seeing especially high winds in the spring months, that when combined with snow accumulation and precipitation, causes a lot of roofing damage for our customers,” Kublitskiy relates.


The problem is that as many as 75% of homes that ASAP ROOFING specialists inspect do not have any form of gutter protection, and yet gutter protection is a relatively inexpensive addition when restoring an entire roof. “Comparatively, gutter protection is a minimal cost for the homeowner replacing an entire roof, and the benefits significantly outweigh the cost in terms of safeguarding the home from water damage,” Kublitskiy shares.


For this reason, ASAP ROOFING always recommends gutter protection for homes not only in Denver, Colorado, but also for the roofing restorations that they perform out of their satellite offices in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Dallas, Texas, both of which can also be high wind areas. Experience has proven that wind is something that should be carefully regarded, and Kublitskiy states that, “Customers often don’t realize that wind can be just as damaging to a roof as hail, and an often unanticipated effect is clogging gutters.”


So when restoring a roof, ASAP ROOFING specialists present customers with several gutter protection options, including, plastic, aluminum, and composite gutter screens, sponge guards, leaf reliefs and leaf guards, and gutter shields. While each option has its pros and cons, all are relatively inexpensive, and as the co-owner of ASAP ROOFING notes, “We can always find a form of gutter protection that will meet the customer’s needs.”


Written by Nick Dorotik


Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.


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  • By kirk  3 Comments 

    Posted by Alison Turner on
    • Mar 22 2013
    Another very valuable article for homeowners. I would love to see one on proper drainage and downspouts.
      Posted by admin on
      • Mar 22 2013
      Thanks Alison. Will consider an article on proper drainage and downspouts. All of these thins can really increase the life of a roof.
    Posted by Laura Griffin on
    • Mar 27 2013
    I see. Come to think of it, ours don't have a gutter protection either. Thanks for sharing this info. I'll definitely have it installed soon considering that it is not that expensive.

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