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On March 12, 2013

Five Ways To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Insurance

 Working with homeowner’s insurance companies for many years, ASAP ROOFING often sees homeowners being taken advantage of by their insurance companies. As a company in the business of protecting its customers and ensuring that they get their full insurance coverage, ASAP ROOFING, always acts to educate its customers on ways to protect themselves from denied insurance claims. The following list should help any homeowner be better prepared when dealing with insurance companies.

  1. Get A Copy Of The Policy. Surprisingly, some homeowners fail to attain a copy of their homeowner’s insurance policy, which, when the insurance company fails to cover a claim, leaves the homeowner without any way of fighting back.
  2. Read The Policy. Especially reading the fine print can help uncover any discrepancies between what the insurance salesmen may have promised and what is actually covered in the policy. If the two do not match, do not pay for the policy and call the company to make the necessary changes. Ultimately, the homeowner is responsible to know what coverage he/she buys.
  3. Check into Policy Delays. Your policy should be delivered to you within 30 days of the date of application. If it is not delivered, contact the agent or company and obtain a written reply of the reason for the delay. If you do not have a policy with 60 days, contact the State Insurance Department.
  4.  Know The Penalties. Insurance companies have laws that they must abide by, just like everyone else. Each state insurance department maintains insurance regulatory law that all regulates insurance practices. This department’s role is to enforce insurance law and ensure that all companies abide by the law, and can act as a protection for the homeowner in the case where he/she feels the law has not been followed.
  5.  Check the Stability of the Company. Knowing what type of company you are dealing with can help prevent many of the typical homeowners denied claims. An insurance company can be checked in one of two ways. Either checking the “Standard and Poor’s” report, “Best Insurance report” or through the company’s annual financial report filed with the State insurance Department.

By following these tips every homeowner should be well prepared to make informed decisions regarding their insurance and ensure that they get the most out of their insurance dollar. For more tips like these, just visit

Written by Nick Dorotik


Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.


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    Posted by Bo Hamby on
    • Mar 13 2013
    It takes 20 minutes to read over the policy. Always best to arm yourself with education. Nice blog ASAP.
      Posted by admin on
      • Mar 14 2013
      Just understanding the policy can save customers a lot of money.

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