Massive Hailstorm Pounds Dallas in May 2013 • ASAP Roofing Massive Hailstorm Pounds Dallas in May 2013 • ASAP Roofing
On May 16, 2013

Massive Hailstorm Pounds Dallas in May 2013

The hail coming down in Granbury, Texas on May 15, 2013 looked like chicken eggs, but unlike chicken eggs, broke everything in its path. While the residents of Texas could have guessed the storm would be bad — it had been building for days, beginning with smaller storm in the Temple, Houston and Crane areas — they had no idea it would rate as a Category 5 storm event, according to Hail Trace, a national hail tracking website.

According to Hail Trace, on May 15, 2013 the Weatherford, Mineral Wells, Ft Worth and Cleburne areas experienced 4.00” hail size (that is a piece of hail four inches in diameter), with an estimated house count of 50,500. Essentially, this means a lot of damage.

Not unlike the storm Dallas residents experienced last March, this storm smashed windows, shattered windshields, dented cars, and destroyed roofs. While the damage estimate for that storm was 2 billion, the estimates are not yet in for this storm, however, with a four star rating — last March’s storm was also rated four star — we can only image damage estimates will be quite high.

So what does this mean for homeowners? Time to pull out the insurance papers and start making some calls. And as insurance companies have of recent been hit with larger and larger claims — especially in times of severe weather — they have also become more restrictive in terms of “allowable limits” for payouts. Allowable limits are an insurance company’s way of capping payouts per weather event, as a way to minimize expense. However, these limits are only guidelines set by the insurance companies themselves and do not reflect company obligation to the homeowner.

So again, in a time of severe weather, such as what was just experienced in Texas, what are homeowners to do? Well according to Andy Moss, Branch manager of the Dallas office, “The best thing a homeowner can do is work with a reputable roofing company who has experience dealing with insurance companies and knows the insurance companies limits, contractual obligations, and the laws that govern the industry.” This way, Moss continues, “A homeowner has every right to the coverage they pay for, and making sure they get it is a major part of what we do at ASAP ROOFING.”

And it looks as if ASAP ROOFING will be busy again making sure that the residents of Dallas, Ft Worth, Weatherford, Mineral Wells, and Cleburne get the coverage they deserve, and their roofs are fully restored. But, as Moss states, “This is what we love to do, and as far as we are concerned, they is no storm we can’t handle.”

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Written by Nick Dorotik

Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.



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