How do I choose a roofing contractor in Aurora, Co? • ASAP Roofing How do I choose a roofing contractor in Aurora, Co? • ASAP Roofing
On May 30, 2013

How do I choose a roofing contractor in Aurora, Co?


For most people, searching for a roofing contractor is not something they will have to do on a regular basis, and, in fact, happens more often than not; only after significant damage has been done to the roof. And yet finding a quality roofing contractor is incredibly important when considering restoring your home’s roof. At ASAP ROOFING, a national roofing company with  cooperate offices in Aurora, Co. For this reason, ASAP ROOFING provides the following articles to help customers understand what to look for in a roofing contractor.

There are many reasons a roofing contractor needs to be qualified. For one thing, building codes change quite frequently — especially in hazard prone areas. According to ISO, a leading source of property and casualty insurance risk, “The Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) assesses the building codes in effect in a particular community and how the community enforces its building codes, with special emphasis on mitigation of losses from natural hazards.

The concept is simple: municipalities with well-enforced, up-to-date codes should demonstrate better loss experience, and insurance rates can reflect that. The prospect of lessening catastrophe-related damage and ultimately lowering insurance costs provides an incentive for communities to enforce their building codes rigorously — especially as they relate to windstorm and earthquake damage.

The anticipated upshot: safer buildings, less damage, and lower insured losses from catastrophes.”

Secondly, a roofing contractor needs to be educated about what types of roofing surfaces are recommended for your home. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), one of the construction industry’s most respected trade associations and the voice and leading authority in the roofing industry for information, education, technology and advocacy, actually publishes four separate manuals on this subject alone — including architectural metal flashings, SPF roof systems, roof systems with photovoltaic components and a construction details manual. (They also publish yearly guidelines for complying with building code requirements.)

Lastly, a roofing contractor needs to be reliable, dependable and ethical. These qualities alone can account for many setbacks that you may experience while restoring your home’s roof. A roofing contractor who takes responsibility for the job and delivers what is promised will also protect you, the homeowner, when things go wrong. A roofing contractor who is responsible will also stand behind the warranty promised for your home’s roof. And whether or not a roofing contractor is responsible may actually be the most difficult factor to determine. However, two great sources of information can be the Better Business Bureau, and the internet reviews posted about the roofing contractor online.

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