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On July 21, 2013

Is Your Roof “Cool”?


So it’s summertime, the sun is out, and man is it hot! What is the one of the first things you will think as you prepare to go outside? If you are like most people, you will probably wear light colored, or even sun reflective clothing. Why? These fabrics are designed to keep you cooler through reflecting, rather than absorbing the sun’s rays. Well did you know that your home’s roof works in much the same way? According to Kirk McCoy, the co-owner of ASAP ROOFING a national roofing company with offices in Aurora, Co., Indianapolis, In., and Dallas, Tx. (all hot climates), customers are always eager to learn about ways to improve their energy efficiency, and a “cool” roof is one great way to do it.

So what is a “cool” roof? A cool roof is made of highly reflective paint, tiles, or shingles and has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. According to, the benefits of a cool roof are many, including:

  •  Reducing energy bills by decreasing air conditioning needs
  •  Improving indoor comfort for spaces that are not air conditioned
  •  Decreasing roof temperature, which may extend roof service life

Additionally, states that cool roof improve the environment in the following ways:

  •  Reduce local air temperatures (sometimes referred to as the urban heat island effect)
  •  Lower peak electricity demand, which can help prevent power outages
  •  Reduce power plant emissions, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and mercury, by reducing cooling energy use in buildings.

There are many types of cool roof options to choose from as well. These include, cool roof coatings, reflective single ply membranes, reflective marble chips and reflective mineral granules, and reflective coatings and sprays. And if you are considering a cool roof, you have a few options, including coating your roof with a reflective coating, waterproofing your roof, and tearing off your existing roof and replacing it with a new one.

To help your decision, even provides a cool roof calculator designed to help you see how much you will save by making your roof cool.  Here is the link:

Additionally, ASAP ROOFING offers many roofing options including cool roofs, and the specialists there are happy to discuss the many roofing options with you. For more information on ASAP ROOFING or to schedule a home roof inspection, just visit

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Written by Nick Dorotik

Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.

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