Three Ways To Make Your Old Home Look New Three Ways To Make Your Old Home Look New
On October 21, 2013

Three Ways To Make Your Old Home Look New

If you are like most people, you remember things as they were when they were new — the new car smell, the look of a brand new home, a shiny new appliance. And yet, as these items get used, and the years go by, they can take on an outdated look.

The inside of a home is no different as the fixtures, window coverings and paint can become not only outdated, but marred, stained, or broken. For the professionals at ASAP ROOFING, a national roofing company with offices in Aurora, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, and Indianapolis, Indiana, making the top — or roof — of your home look brand new is no problem, but these professionals love nothing more than a roof that compliments an already nicely presented home.

For this reason, here are three ways to make your older home look new again.

  1.  Update the Fixtures. While you may be used to seeing your fixtures every day, stop and really take a look at them. Are they outdated? Do they really do your home justice? Are they eyesores? If the answer to these questions was yes, consider replacing them with new, updated versions. The good news about replacing old fixtures with newer ones is that you can not only update the look of your home, but also receive tax credits if you choose energy efficient models.
  2.  Replace the blinds. Old, tattered blinds can really give the inside of a home a dreary appearance, as well as being difficult to keep clean. On the other hand, valances, sheer panels, and color coordinated window coverings is one of the least expensive ways to really dress up your home. In addition to being easier to clean than blinds, they are available in a multitude of fabrics and colors that can complement your wall and floor colors, as well as your furniture.
  3.  Consider a fresh coat of paint. Nothing does more for the inside of a home than a nicely chosen coat of paint. Earth colors like sage, sand, and taupe can change the entire energy of a home, making it look more spacious and open. So take a look around your home. Is the paint stained, chipping or marred? Also ask yourself if the color of paint truly does justice to the home. First of all, does it compliment the floor color? Does is go with the furniture? If the answers to these questions seem to warrant a new coat of paint, take a trip to the local paint store and see what is available, as well as consider having a custom color mixed. With just a little work, the inside of your home can take on a brand new feel, and really make your home look great.

With just a little work, the professionals at ASAP ROOFING hope that every home can look as new and updated as the top quality roof they install.

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