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On September 1, 2015

In Roofing, It’s The People Who Matter

In roofing, we love to talk about the latest technology, new advances in roofing tiles, new roofing products available, and the latest roofing designs. And while it’s all very exciting, none of it matters without quality people to implement it. These are the people who perform the roofing estimates, consult with the insurance companies, and eventually perform the hard – and very dangerous – work of installing a roof.

What it boils down to is the characteristics of good people. These are the people who will tell you the truth, give you an honest appraisal of the condition of your roof, the scope of their service and the cost of the job.

Because the truth is, today the technological advances in roofing eclipses that of even just a few years ago. We can now install solar roofing that not just offsets energy cost, but provides a surplus. We can now use drone to survey roofs. And we can use sophisticated systems to mechanize the estimating process.

But what levels the playing field is the people that operate the technology, and the people who form the relationships with you, the homeowner. For a roofing company – as is the case in probably any industry – keeping up with technology is important, but what is even more important is surrounding yourself with quality people, investing time to train them well, and then rewarding then handsomely for their exceptional service.


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