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On September 30, 2015

Three Simple Things Your Can Do To Increase Your Home’s Value

It would be nice if what we used to say about real estate – that it’s always a good investment – still held true. But for many people, buying a home is still a bit of a shaky investment. And while you may look for the best school district, the right location, and a safe neighborhood, at the end of the day, you are probably hoping it is an investment that pays off.

While there is not much homeowners can do about market trends, there are a few simple ways you can boost your home’s value. Here are three:

Update outdated light fixtures: Light fixtures are like the quiet kid who sits in the corner of the class and never raises his hand. That is to say, they often go unnoticed. While we may replace the blinds, clean the carpet, and perhaps even update a few appliances, it’s surprising how many people forget that to look up. And yet, replacing outdated chandeliers, bathroom lights, and fixed lighting is a relatively inexpensive thing to do, and can significantly update the look and feel of your home – especially when in entryways, as it’s often the first thing people see when they enter your home.

Clear away clutter: If you want people to find value in your home, they have to see it. Which means the walls, tabletops, counters, and floors can’t be so covered that it is impossible to see the home through the clutter. Conversely, openness allows people to imagine the home in their own way – which automatically adds intrinsic value to them. So take a look around your home. Is it cluttered or is it open? Are the best features of your home obvious to the eye? Are there items that can better organized, put out of view, or gotten rid of altogether? Because when someone walks into your home, the more of it the see – and the less of everything else – the better.

Re-roof your home: The last thing you want to have to explain to a potential buyer is why your roof is leaking, or even worse, that the leak hasn’t already caused additional damage. And you also don’t want to find out the hard way – during an inspection – that your roof isn’t up to code. Yet both of these problems can be solved by simply calling a qualified roofer to inspect your roof. If your roof has hail or weather damage, the cost of replacement will be covered by your insurance company. And when you chose a roofing company that specializes in restoration work, they will handle all of the negotiation with your insurance company for you. Secondly, a qualified roofing company will ensure that your new roof is not only leak free, but meets all current building codes. Your roof is one of the first things people see, and a new one can increase your home’s value by as much as 20 percent. And best of all, you will have no explaining to do.

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