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On September 19, 2015

Three Ways to Prepare Your House for Winter

The most snow ever recorded in 24 hours in the United States was at Silver Lake, Colorado, in 1921 at 76 inches. Coming in second is Georgetown, Colorado, in December 4, 1913, at 63 inches. Colorado has some rough winters. And while the Farmers’ Almanac predication for the winter of 2015-2016 is “average temperatures and normal levels of snowfall”, Colorado is also known for being notoriously hard to predict.

What we do know is that with winter coming, it’s best to prepare. Here are three ways you can prepare your home for winter:

Insulate exposed piping. Burst pipes in the middle of winter is no fun. And not, surprisingly, it is one of the most costly home repairs. But the good news is, it’s very preventable. Exposed pipes should first be wrapped with electrical heating tape and then insulated with foam insulation.

Clear the chimney. Most of us forget about the chimney in the summer, and then when the first cold hits, throw some logs in the fireplace and light up – all the while forgetting to check that the chimney is actually working properly. So what should we be checking? First we should check for any bird nests (or other animal creations in our chimney). Then we should check that the flue damper works correctly (that it opens and closes fully). Lastly, we should check the chimney draft to make sure it draws smoke up, and is not obstructed You can do this by light a few sheets of newspaper in the fireplace, and watching where the smoke goes.

Check your roof. In the middle of winter is not a good time to learn that you have a roof leak. For one thing, there may not be much you can do about while you have a mound of snow on your roof. And, the leak may cause significant additional damage before you have time to get to it. Instead, have a licensed roofing company inspect your home before winter hits to make sure there is no hail, wind, or other weather related damage. Should any damage be discovered, a qualified roofing company will be able to work with your insurance company to ensure that it is covered, and that you don’t find yourself stuck with a leaky roof in the middle of winter.


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