Why Green Homeowners May Have Reason to Celebrate • ASAP Roofing Why Green Homeowners May Have Reason to Celebrate • ASAP Roofing
On September 26, 2015

Why Green Homeowners May Have Reason to Celebrate

There are a lot of ways that homeowners can be more green. We can recycle, we can conserve energy, and we can try to use green building materials. I say try, because in the past, that’s about all we could do – especially when it comes to roofing.

However, green homeowners may now have a reason to celebrate. G.E.M Inc., a Canadian company recently introduced Euroshield recycled rubber roofing tiles. Made from 75% recycled car tires, the tiles not only cut down on landfill space, but can be recycled themselves.

And while recycled rubber roofing tiles is not completely new, what is different about G.E.M. is that the cost is about the same as asphalt tiles. Additionally, installation is easier than comparable recycled tiles, and in many ways, even easier than asphalt tiles. Why? The tiles come in 40” x 17” and feature some design innovations that make the process even easier.

What even better, Euroshield comes with a fifty year, transferable warranty and are colored throughout to reduce fading, which has been a problem for recycled rubber roofing tiles in the past. The only downside is that until G.E.M. secure more U.S. distributors, shipping costs may be a deterrent.

However, the hope is that with most cost equivalent green options, demand will soon make them as popular as their more traditional (and less green) counterparts.


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