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On September 3, 2015

Why Re-Roofing is a Perfect Time to Think About Safety Upgrades

So you called the roofer out because you had a leak, and that’s all you had in mind when he arrived. But, as it turns out, you may have more than just a leak. For homeowners, re-roofing can sometimes be a bit of an eye-opener. You may learn that you have more leaks than you thought, you may have additional water damage, and you may have siding that is tearing away. If all of this sounds like bad news, think again.

Let’s look at the situation another way. Let’s say that you climbed up on your roof to install some Christmas lights, and just as you reached for the gutter to stabilize yourself, it gave way and you and your ladder came crashing to the ground. Or, let’s say that you wanted to pull a broken branch off of your skylight, so you climbed on your roof, only to realize that there is nothing to hold on to (known as an “anchorage point”), and again, you come flying off your roof.

The truth is, either scenario could happen – especially if your roof is not up to safety standards. Unfortunately, this is the case with most roofs, as most homeowners don’t know what those safety standards are.

This is also why re-roofing is a perfect time to think about upgrading your roof’s safety. Because a quality certified roofing contractor will not only what the safety standards are, but he will not want to work on your roof unless they are in place (roofing contractors have to carry insurance on their roofers too). What are some of these safety upgrades, you ask? Things like screens for skylights, anchorage points for personal arrest fall protection systems, and permanent guardrail systems. Things that protect you, and your home for years to come.


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