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On October 26, 2015

Three Ways to Prevent a Skylight Leak

In a sunny climate like Colorado, skylights are a great way to bring in natural light, give you home a more open feel, and an attractive appeal. But, skylights can leak – especially after storms. When installed incorrectly, or when the flashing is not whole (ripped, torn, or improperly measured), it’s not hard to see how a skylight can easily allow water to enter your home. And when a storm hits, a skylight whose flashing doesn’t fit snugly is much more likely to be damaged by harsh wind, hail, and rain.

So how do you prevent a skylight leak? Here are three ways:

  1. Quality products. Using products that don’t fit correctly, or are not installed according to manufacturer’s instructions will almost always eventually lead to a skylight leak. Instead start with the best quality products you can afford, so you are not replacing them later.
  2. Expert Installation. Before you consider installing a skylight, check your contractor’s credentials. Are they licensed in your state? Have they installed skylights before? Do they have references? Do they have any Better Business Bureau complaints? These are all the questions you should ask (and have answered) before you ever hire a contractor.
  3. By checking your skylight regularly, you will notice any deterioration of the flashing, any damage caused by debris or storms, and be able to address it before it gets worse. Maintenance becomes especially important after storms, as skylights should be checked after every storm – even if they seem minimal.

Skylights should be a source of enjoyment, bringing the outdoors in. But what they shouldn’t bring in is water. By following the three steps above, you can ensure that your skylight only offers sunlight.

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