Three Unexpected Ways to Save On Your Electricity Bill Three Unexpected Ways to Save On Your Electricity Bill
On November 6, 2015

Three Unexpected Ways to Save On Your Electricity Bill

There are plenty of ways you know you can save on your electricity bill. You can use energy efficient lights and appliances. You can use energy efficient insulation, and you can even use solar roofing panels that look exactly like traditional asphalt tiles. But did you know there are more ways to save on your electricity? Here are three ways you might not have guessed:

Switch to a laptop computer. You may be accustomed to the appeal of a large screen – especially if you already have a large screen television – but did you know that switching to a laptop computer can save as much as 33% on the energy required to run your home computer? To top off the savings even more, keep your computer, printer, and any related devices on the same power strip and turn it off every night.

Use the dishwater. This seems counterintuitive, but using a dishwasher as oppose to washing dishes by hand saves as much as 66% on hot water. To save even more, you can adjust the temperature of your hot water heater down a few degrees – a good suggested temperature is 130 degrees. One more tip – use cold water to wash your clothes and save an extra $63 a year.

Keep your freezer full. While you might think that an empty freezer takes less energy to maintain temperature, actually the opposite is true. A freezer stocked full of food takes much less energy than an empty one. And if it’s hard to imagine what to stock your freezer with, consider frozen fruits and vegetables as freezing them tends to preserve them better (and vitamin content) than refrigeration.

Saving on your energy means not just being aware of consumption, but also unexpected ways that you might be expending more than you think.

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    Posted by Doug Gentry on
    • Nov 17 2015
    Another energy saving tip (we have 13 more in our latest post) that people often overlook: seal the ducts - in an average home, 10% to 30% of heated air escapes from ducts. Have a professional test and fix any duct issues – you’ll pay once and save for years to come.

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