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On December 4, 2015

Boral Transforms Roofing With An Unbelievable New Product

There are few products that really transform the way we live. The internet. The smartphone. The electric car.

And yet Boral, a clay and concrete roof tile maker, has introduced a product that was not only won the Popular Mechanics 2011 Breakthrough Award for the years Ten Most Transformative Products, but also the 2012 Best New Product Edison Gold Award Winner in Science and Materials.

What is it, you ask?

It is called a smog-eating roof. Yep, you heard that right, a roof that literally eats smog. How? The roof tile coating contains a photocatalyst that when exposed to sunlight converts harmful Nitrus Oxide released by vehicles into Calcium Nitrates. Then when it rains the Calcium Nitrates are washed off the roof.

According their website, Boral claims that in one year, the average roof can remove a quantity of nitrogen oxide equivalent to that produced by driving a car 10,800 miles!

And the tile coating, called, BoralPure, also hinders mold and algae growth, which helps to keep your roof clean.

Thanks to Boral, roofing sustainability has risen to a new level. The smog-eating roof doesn’t just preserve the environment, it improves it. For more information on the smog-eating roof, visit Boral’s website.

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