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On December 16, 2015

Quick Curb Appeal Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

Curb appeal is one of the most important – and effective – ways to make your home stand out and draw in potential buyers. And if buyers like what they see on the outside, they are likely to want to see the inside. So here are some quick ways to increase your home’s curb appeal:

Remove Excess. Anything that doesn’t add appeal to your home – think the kids’ bikes, the trash you meant to take out, the dogs toys, the car that won’t start – should be removed from the front view of your home. By clearing these things away, your home’s best features can shine through.

Employ Symmetry. Simply by arranging features in a symmetrical way, your home not only looks more organized, but it is more appealing to the eye. You can choose from symmetrical combinations of potted plants, light fixtures, and seating – all which can be done in a matter of minutes.

Clean Up the Front Door. The front door is literally the first things people see, and often a very easy thing to improve. A simple coat of paint can change not just the appearance of your front door, but the entire front of your house – and it can be done in an afternoon.

Install Outside Lighting. Especially if you have a walkway leading to your home’s front door, outside lighting can add character, while also adding safety and security to your home. And outside lighting can be as simple as pushing some solar powered lights in the ground – they require no wiring.

Add An Instant Garden. Nothing brightens up a front yard like a beautiful flower and plant display – and it’s easy to do. You can buy ready-made garden containers at almost any home supply store, and create a beautiful arrangement that will really dress up your home – all for very little money.

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