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On December 10, 2015

Snow Coming? Three Ways to Protect Your Home

While the snow often brings thoughts of Holiday cheer, cozy fireplaces, and hot cocoa, it can also wreak havoc to your roof. The weight of snow and ice that accumulates on your roof can be a risk in itself. And then of course, the longer the snow stays on your roof, the greater the possibility of water damage. So how do you protect your roof when you know snow is coming? Here are three ways:

Clear Any Debris From Your Roof. The goal with snow and ice is to get it off your roof as soon as possible. But debris – such as leaves, branches, and dirt – in your gutters traps the water runoff and prevents it from escaping. And water trapped in your gutter is a repair waiting to happen. You can prevent this by clearing any debris from your roof before the snow hits it.

Check With Your Roofing Manufacturer to See if You Can Use Calcium Chloride or Rock Salt. If you live in a snowy area, you are familiar with rock salt and calcium chloride because this is the white residue that collects on your car’s fenders. And while Calcium Chloride and Rock Salt are great at melting snow – and may even be recommended by some contractors – they may not be recommended for your roof. In fact, they may even void your warranty. So before climbing on your roof and dusting it with rock salt, check with your roofing manufacturer first.

 Make a Plan to Remove the Snow as Quickly as Possible. While climbing on your roof after a snowstorm to remove snow may be the last thing you want to do – and is also very dangerous – you should have a plan to get the snow off your roof as quickly as possible. Most states that experience regular snow have an array of people experienced with snow removal. Just make sure whoever you hire comes with references and most importantly, can remove snow without damaging your shingles (most contractors warn against using a shovel, especially on asphalt shingles).

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