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On January 18, 2016

Homeowners – Don’t Let This Happen To You

Home insurance. It’s supposed to let you rest easy. It’s supposed to help take your mind off all of the worries that come with home ownership. It’s not supposed to leave you hanging – especially when you need it most.

Yet sadly. This is exactly what happens to many homeowners – just like this one:

“Just got off the phone with my insurance company about the hail damage to my cars and house. This is what I learned after talking to them and then doing a little research.
First thing they said was that if I file a claim it would count against me. This is not true. Hail does not raise you rates or leave any marks on your record that would hurt you in the future. If they want to drop me after they pay, so be it, I will gladly find insurance elsewhere.
When I requested that I want an adjuster to come and look at my house, specifically my roof, they said that I probably have less damage than my deductible would be. What? How do they know this without looking?
They proceeded to tell me that if I want I should take my car to get estimates and call roofers to get an idea if it is worth it for them to send one of their adjusters out.
When I got off the phone I was steaming. Then I started thinking. My house is only a few years old. What happens to my 20 year roof shingles warranty? So I called the manufacturer. It’s expired. I no longer have the warranty after the hail hit it. So if my roof starts leaking in a few years I would be out of luck.
After I called back and told my insurance agent this they decided to send someone out as soon as possible. When I told them that it would not count against me if I filed a claim they said I was right. What a scam. If you don’t know how to handle these companies they will take advantage of you. Don’t let them.”

What many homeowners don’t realize when it comes to roof damage especially, is that a qualified roofer will be on your side. The reason is, justifying a claim to your insurance company is what a professional roofing company – especially one that specializes in hail damage – does every day. It’s also how they get paid. Roofing restoration specialists know that homeowners pay for insurance to cover them when unexpected repairs are needed. They also know that most homeowners can’t afford to pay out of pocket for a new roof. This is also why a quality roofing restoration company will have insurance specialists that know insurance laws, and exactly what your insurance company is obligated to do. So if you are like the homeowner above, or if you suspect roof damage, perhaps your first call should be to a roofing restoration company.

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