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On January 7, 2016

Three Easy Ways to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most insidious forms of damage a home can sustain. Not only does water damage affect your home’s foundation, but it often goes undetected. Preventing water damage in your home does the same thing that like taking vitamins, doing exercise and eating healthy does for you – it’s prolongs, and improves life (in this case, of your home). So here are three easy ways to prevent water damage:

Make Sure Your Downspout is Directing Water Away From Your Home: Do you know where your downspout is? Are you sure it is directing water away from your home? If you answered no to these questions, it’s time to head outside and do some checking. Your downspout is your home’s sole way of directing excess water from your roof, snowmelt and water runoff away from your home. However, if the downspout is not adequately set (at least 5 to 10 feet from your home’s wall) excess water can collect against the outside wall of your home, damaging the foundation.

Check for (and Fix) Water Leaks: Got black marks? Yellow stains? These are telltale signs of water damage. And, left untreated, they will get worse. While you should have your roof inspected for leaks at least once a year, if you see these signs, you should immediately have a licensed roofing contractor check your roof, and fix the leak.

Invest in a Humidity/Moisture Meter. While those in humid climates like Florida knows the virtues of a humidity meter, humidity meters actually are wonderful water leak detectors. If, for example, your home’s humidity typically runs at 25%, and you notice that suddenly the level shoots up to 27%, (while the inside temperature remains constant) you probably have a water leak. The best part about moisture meters is that they are very inexpensive (typically ten to twenty five dollars) and, being portable, can be easily installed in any room of your house. 

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