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On February 8, 2016

Still Wondering Which Roofing Materials Are Best?

The decision to roof your home is never an easy one. Not only is it the single biggest investment you will likely make in your home, the options as to just what to roof your home with can be overwhelming. While asphalt is hands down the most popular option, does that also mean it is the most durable? Metal, on the other hand, has grown dramatically over the past few years, but has it been tested long enough – and in harsh enough weather – to ensure durability? The use of solar panels and even solar embedded into asphalt shingles has also become quite popular, but, how well do they actually work?

Let’s start with the following list of home roofing materials – listed from most to least durable – from home renovations website:

So maybe you not quite ready for slate, but here’s the good news, if you are considering solar, slate might not be the best option for you. What might be better? Composite, wood shake, or asphalt shingles. Here’s an article that explores which roofs are best suited for solar.

And if you are interested in just what might be possible with solar, you are not the only one. Just recently, United Solar Ovonic of Auburn Hills, MI, has teamed with a major roofing company to create a metal roof system that generates electricity from sunlight. The following article explains the partnership.

While there are numerous options in roofing – and more available everyday as technologies expand – the first step is to consult with a licensed roofing contractor who can inspect your roof and then help you assess which roofing materials would be best for your home. Some things that should be considered are your roof’s pitch, attic ventilation, and of course, weather conditions. After all, the best roof is not just one that is aesthetically pleasing, but lasts for years to come.

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