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On February 2, 2016

Three Apps Every Roofer Should Know About

Technology has made many things a whole lot easier. It’s not surprising then that in the world of roofing, a smartphone goes a long way. Here are three indispensable apps every roofer should know about.

Flat Roof Calculator.

Roofing Calculator by is a free flat roof prices estimating tool. It can be used to quickly estimate the cost of a flat roof replacement, with roofing materials such as: IB PVC flat roofing membrane, EPDM single-ply roof, TPO roofing, Tar + Gravel / Built-up / modified bitumen roofs, and also metal roofing prices for steep slope roof

This Flat Roof Calculator is designed after the online roofing calculator – – and gives a wide range of roof options to estimate almost any flat roof, be it residential or commercial job. According to the website,

Roofing Calculator has following features, and Roofing Prices are calculated based on user-provided:

– Roof dimensions.

– PolyISO insulation thickness.

– Roof complexity / difficulty.

– Tear off of existing roofing materials.

– Number of skylights / curb flashing on the roof.

– Number of masonry chimneys to be flashed.

– Length of parapet and separation walls.

– Roof pitch / slope (for most flat roofings it will be zero of near-flat – other slope settings are used for steep roofs, such as metal shingles and standing seam).

Roof Pitch Factor

No complex equations and no calculating. Now you can quickly and easily find the pitch of any roof just by looking through your phone’s camera. Here are the features:

+ Displays both Pitch Factor and Degrees

+ Use with or without the camera

+ Location information, current address, on saved photos (not required)

Check out our other roofing apps:

– RoofSketchPro (The ultimate roofing helper, sketch a roof, turn the measurements into materials and cost reports, even sign and send a final proposal all from within the app)

– The Roofing Pitchbook (Sales guide for roofing professionals).

Roof Area/ Rain Flow Gutter Calculator

Want to know if a home’s gutters are working as they should? Gutters overflowing and you don’t know why? Thinking about installing new gutters and need to know how many litres of overflow your home produces?

This is the app you are looking for.

Here are the three best functions :

Roof Area Calculator

Just by entering length, height and roof pitch, you can quickly calculate any roof area in square meters.

Rain Flow Calculator

Once you know the effective roof area, with this great feature, you can determine the rainfall flow in litres per second that will come from your roof – invaluable information when considering which type of guttering for a home.

Guttering Helper

Know the rain flow from your home but not sure which size of gutter you need? This feature is for you. Just plug in the rainflow and the app will give you the right gutter dimension to accommodate it.

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