Summer Is Coming: Three Ways to Cool Down Your Roof (and Your Home) Summer Is Coming: Three Ways to Cool Down Your Roof (and Your Home)
On May 20, 2016

Summer Is Coming: Three Ways to Cool Down Your Roof (and Your Home)

With summer comes heat, and a lot of it. And while you might be sitting inside enjoying your air conditioning, your attic might just be cooking. A recent ten year research study into the effects of heat on roofs and how to mitigate them showed that during that even at mild summer temperatures of 90 degrees, a home’s attic can reach as high as 130 degrees. What does that mean for you? Basically, your air conditioning will be working overtime to keep your house cool, and you will be footing the bill. So how can you help cool your roof (and your house) during hot summer months? Here are three ways:

Choose a light colored roofing tile. According to the study referenced above demonstrated that the difference between a dark colored roof and a light colored one on a home’s attic temperature is as much as 30 degrees. And the difference between light gray and white is also significant – an average of twenty degrees.

Apply reflective coating. While you might not be in the position to replace your home’s existing roofing tile with a lighter color, you can apply a reflective or radiant barrier to your home’s existing roof. Doing this, the study showed, dramatically reduced heating loads – almost to those similar to light colored roofing. While your roof deck and shingles may still experience some heat stress, the attic temperature, and your home’s overall temperature will be reduced.

Increase the insulation between your attic and your living space. By increasing the space between your attic and your living space, you effectively put a barrier between your home and the heat. And when you run your ductwork through the air conditioned space, instead of the through the unconditioned attic space, the effect is even greater.

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