Three DIY Ways to Protect Your Roof From the Elements Three DIY Ways to Protect Your Roof From the Elements
On May 12, 2016

Three Do It Yourself Ways to Protect Your Roof From the Elements

Your roof is probably the biggest investment you will make in your home, and at the same time, it is the most exposed to the elements. If you are like most homeowners, once you have re-roofed your home, you probably want it to last.

So just what can you do to protect your roof from the elements? Here are three ways:

Use Roof Tar: If you see your shingles beginning to bend or curl, use roof tar or another adhesive to reaffix the shingle to the roof. First apply a small amount of roof tar to the uplifted shingle, then pressing firmly to hold the shingle into place, add a roof nail to further secure the shingle. Lastly, cover the nail with a protective silicone or roofing cement to prevent a leak from the nail head.

Keep Your Roof Clear of Debris: Keeping your roof free of debris is one of the easiest and best ways to protect your roof. Make a habit of cleaning your roof at least once a year. You can use a pressure washer, broom, or blower to remove debris such as leaves and tree branches that have fallen on to the roof. Cleaning your roof will also keep moisture from seeping into the shingles and causing leaks that lead to long-term damage.

Repair Leaks Immediately: Check your roof at least every six months for leaks and immediately after heavy storms. A leak is often related to shingles that have been curled back and expose the felt underlayment of the roof. To straighten them out, first soften the shingle edge with heat, such as an electric hair dryer. Then reattach curled-back shingles after straightening with a generous amount of asphalt roof cement or compound around the exposed edges, and secure it with a nail. By spotting a leak early, and fixing it you can prevent further damage to the structural components of your home.

While the many elements that threaten a roof are inevitable, taking the three steps above can go a long way toward keeping your roof in top condition for years to come.

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