Which Roofs Qualify for an Energy Star Label? Which Roofs Qualify for an Energy Star Label?
On May 16, 2016

Which Roofs Qualify for an Energy Star Label?

While many roofing manufacturers and contractors claim to have energy efficient roofing systems, and many roofing systems do improve energy efficiency, when it comes to claiming the tax credit offered for energy efficient roofing systems, it pays to know the rules.

At this point, the only roofing systems that qualify for the tax credit are roofs made from metal and asphalt shingles. And these roofs must bear the Energy Star label.

To attain this label, roofing systems must meet strict criteria, such as high solar reflectivity (both initially and over time) and be backed by a lasting manufacturers’ warranty.

And unless this label is in place, no matter how energy efficient a roofing contractor promises your new roof to be, you can’t claim the tax credit.

While there is a huge selection among metal and asphalt roofing products, to help homeowners determine if the choice they are considering will qualify for the roofing tax credit, the Energy Star website offers a product search guide. Here homeowners can search the specific type of roofing product – such as the Owens Corning True Definition Shingle in Shasta White – to find if it has received an Energy Star label.

And if it has, a tax credit for 30 percent of the cost of materials can be claimed on federal tax returns. However, the tax credit does not apply to a roof on a brand-new house; just replacement roofs. For second homes (or vacation homes) the credit is calculated based on the amount of time that you live there. For example, if you live in the house for 6 months of the year, you can claim fifty percent of the tax credit.

While there are many sustainable roofing systems available, such as “green roofs”, recycled rubber roofing, wood shake, and slate and clay tiles – and hopefully in time these will also receive the Energy Star label – at this point, claiming the tax credit limits homeowners to only metal and asphalt options. However, among metal and asphalt roofing systems, thankfully, there are numerous choices.

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