Metal Roof Cooler Than Flat White Tile? Metal Roof Cooler Than Flat White Tile?
On June 20, 2016

A Metal Roof Cooler Than Flat White Tile?

New Study Has Us Re-thinking Metal Roofs 

For most homeowners seeking a cooler roof, it’s no surprise that lighter colors are better. Lighter colored shingles will reflect more heat energy than dark colored ones, and white tiles will reduce heat build-up more than terra cotta colored tiles. But what about metal roofs?

A recent study conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center asked just this question. Tracking the heat gains in seven side-by-side identical homes with different metal roofs in Ft. Myers, Florida, researchers explored just which metal would provide the best cooling effects and how these effects would stack up against roofing systems of different materials.

The results? “A white galvanized metal roof should save a customer who lives in an average sized 1770 square foot home approximately $128 or 23 percent annually in cooling costs,” the study reported.

The reason has to do with metal’s higher emissivity. Because metal radiates more heat in the night hours, it can actually fall below ambient temperatures, meaning less heat is radiated into the home. And this effect is magnified when the metal is painted white. According to Danny Parker, one of the study’s authors, painted white metal has an emissivity of about 80 percent.

Aside from its cooling benefits, metal roofs have many other compelling points when compared to other roofs. Metal has a high durability, is resistant to mold and fungus, and works well on steep sloped roofs.

And while one reason that customers don’t trend toward metal roofs has to do with their overall appearance and attractiveness, when considering the cooling effects – and the impact on their energy savings – perhaps we soon will be rethinking metal.

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