Worried About a Roof Leak? Check Your Flashing Worried About a Roof Leak? Check Your Flashing
On June 15, 2016

Worried About a Roof Leak? Check Your Flashing

While your roof is meant to protect your home from the elements, the truth is, your roof has many areas that are prime spots for water seepage. Anywhere surfaces intersect, water can leak. And because the typical roof has many intersecting surfaces, that’s multiple opportunities for a roof leak.

So if you suspect a roof leak, the FIRST area to check is your flashing. Your roof’s flashing is the material used to provide extra protection to intersecting areas on your roof. These problem areas include the edges of skylights and chimneys, soil stacks, vent fans and roof valleys, as well as the intersection of the roof deck and dormer walls. The flashing used to protect these areas can be made of sheet metal, plastic or composite materials, however, the most common is galvanized metal.

When installed correctly, roof flashing provides a watertight barrier, however, over time, it can deteriorate. The nails that fasten flashing work loose, or the flashing material pulls away from seams and joints and requires maintenance. To check your flashing then, look for these three things:

  • loose nails and any damage to the seals at the edges of the flashing.
  • dry or crumbling roofing cement.
  • badly corroded flashing.

If you see any of these three signs, the next best step is to call a licensed professional roofer who can check your flashing, as well as the rest of your roof and let you know what repairs will need to be done to ensure that you home is protected from water leaks.

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