Want a Green Roof? Here is the Legislation That Might Affect You Want a Green Roof? Here is the Legislation That Might Affect You
On August 31, 2016

Want a Green Roof? Here is the Legislation That Might Affect You

If you’ve been following the sustainable trend, you probably already know that when it comes to your roof, you have more choices that asphalt shingles. Now, not just can you choose a roofing system that meets the Energy Star guidelines, but you can surpass them by far.

Let’s say, for example, that you are thinking of adding solar panels to your roof but you also need to replace your roof. Did you know that you can now purchase asphalt shingles with solar panels embedded in them? Or maybe you would like to have a truly green roof and would like to plant grass on your roof. Well there is a company that now sells the soil specifically for that.

But maybe you are also wondering just what sort of legislation and policies pertain to green roofs? While every state has their own set of laws regarding green roofs, let’s start with a look at the Federal Legislation:

The Energy Policy Act of 2005: This act offers tax credits of up to $1.80 per square foot for green building projects that demonstrate a 50 percent energy improvement and lesser deductions of $.60 per square foot are available for projects that show improvements of 16.23 percent.

Each state, however, has their own laws and policies regarding green roofs. For example, In Austin, Texas there is something called a Green Roof Density Bonus, which offers a density bonus of eight square feet of roof for every one foot of green roof installed. Or consider the one-time $100,000 tax credit that is available to residents of New York who install a green roof that encompasses at least 50 percent of space. If you live in Oregon, you might even receive some financial help for that green roof. Since the city’s “grey to green” initiative began, Portland residents have been able to receive up to $5 per square foot of financial help for green roof construction.

So how do you find out just what your state offers?

The best place to start is the database for state incentives for renewables and efficiency. This site offers a search tool that allows you to find not just the incentives that apply to your state, but also to your zip code.

And who knows, with enough incentives, your roof just might be growing green.

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