Smart Steps to Reduce Hail Damage Smart Steps to Reduce Hail Damage
On September 6, 2016

Smart Steps to Reduce Hail Damage

In recognition that hail damage in not just increasing every year, but costing homeowners and home insurance companies a considerable amount of money the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) now offers an online educational program designed to help homeowners better understand – and prevent hail damage.

The program, titled, Impact-resistant Roofs: Smart Steps to Reduce Hail Storm Damage consists of four self-paced learning modules. Homeowners are taught the basics of hail impact and associated problems, common types of impact resistant roofing systems, residential step slope roofing systems, and how to choose a qualified contractor.

The modules are short – each one takes about 20 minutes to complete – informative, and best of all, cost nothing. The NRCA also offers several helpful article designed to help homeowners cope with hail damage:

Why Impact-resistant Roofs? An Introduction
This module discusses why impact resistant roofing systems are needed and the benefits they offer.

Smart Steps to Reduce Hail Storm Damage: Steep-slope Roof System Basics
This module covers steep slope roofing systems and the ways in which they combat hail damage.

Smart Steps to Reduce Hail Storm Damage: Impact-resistant Products, Ratings & Building Codes
This module provides valuable information about the ways in which impact-resistant products are tested, the rating systems that apply to them, and the warranties they offer.

Impact-resistant Roofs: Making Decisions
This module walks homeowners through the process of choosing an impact resistant roof, and provides clear and objective information to make the decision process easy.

While hail, and the damage it causes will be a permanent feature of many peoples’ lives, with valuable resources, such as those above, homeowners no longer have to find themselves caught off-guard.

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