Three Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Winter Three Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Winter
On September 22, 2016

Three Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Summer has come to an end, the kids are back in school, and the air is getting cooler. All of this can only mean one thing. Winter is on its way. But before you head for the slopes or plan that winter vacation, ask yourself, is your roof ready for winter? After all the cost of a roof repair can easily exceed a winter vacation – and put a damper on your plans.

So here are three ways to ensure your roof is ready for winter.

Make sure your attic ventilation is working. The purpose of an attic ventilation system is to keep air moving in and out of your attic which will help prevent snow from building up on your roof. When attic ventilation is poor and snow collects on your roof moisture seeps into your roof’s shingles, underlayment, and even into your rafters.

Clear your gutters. Without properly functioning gutters, rainwater has no way to drain properly form your roof. The result is water collecting on your roof. Especially when the fasteners on the gutters are not tight and secure, water can overflow and build up, damaging the inside walls. Yet by inspecting all gutters, fasteners and downspouts, making sure they are secure and draining properly, you can ensure that when the heavy rains and snow hit your roof, they will drain off.

Inspect your flashing. The aluminum pieces that are used to protect roofing edges, flashing is probably the number one cause of roof leaks. And because flashing is the only barrier between your under roofing and the outside elements, it can very easily become damaged by heavy winds, rain, hail, and snow. When this happens, your roof’s underlayment is exposed to the outside elements, which can lead to a costly repair. So before this happens, check all of your flashing for tears, rips, or loose edges, and when flashing looks questionable, replace it, before – not during – winter weather.

A well maintained roof is meant to withstand winter weather. Yet correct maintenance starts well before then with a thorough roof inspection, so that any needed repairs are done before the snow falls.

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