Three Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home From Wind Damage Three Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home From Wind Damage
On October 19, 2016

Three Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

While many natural forces can damage a home, in many ways, wind is the most insidious. Typically homeowners prepare for snow, hail, rain, and intense sun, but often, just how to protect your home from powerful wind gusts is overlooked.

So here are three quick (and easy) ways to protect your home from wind damage:

Install storm shutters. In the event of high winds, one of the first things to go is almost always a home’s windows. Yet by installing storm shutters, windows can easily be protected. Storm shutters cover windows completely, shielding them from wind, flying debris, hail, or anything else that may damage them. For the best protection, storm shutters should be installed over every glass surface, including sliding glass doors, windows, French doors and skylights.

Secure double entry doors. Most double entry doors have one side that is typically fixed with a top and bottom bolt, and another side that opens. Yet, when sever winds hit, these bolts are not strong enough to secure the door. Better is to have at three hinges on each side with hinges screws going through the door jam and in to the stud. Next, securing bolts should go not just through the door trim, but into the sub floor and door header. Lastly, a reinforcing bolt kit should be installed which most door manufacturers have made specifically for their doors.

Install a wind resistant garage door. Contrary to what most people think, a double wide garage door does not provide more wind protection that a single wide. The reason? A double wide door is heavy, and when hit with strong wind, can easily be pulled out of the track exposing the interior of your home to high winds which can blowout doors, windows, and even your roof. So if you have a double wide garage door, the first thing you should do is contact a licensed contractor who can retrofit your garage door to better withstand wind damage.

High winds can cause an incredible amount of damage, but by taking the steps above you can ensure that when high winds hit, your home will be prepared.

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