Technology Gives The Roofing Industry An Upgrade Technology Gives The Roofing Industry An Upgrade
On November 14, 2016

Technology Gives The Roofing Industry An Upgrade


Technology has already dramatically changed many things. Many jobs can now be done virtually, communication is instantaneous, and life is becoming more automated every day. So it’s no surprise that the roofing industry will soon be getting a technology upgrade as well.

Here are a few ways you can expect technology to influence roofing.

Aerial imagery. While aerial imaging is already used as an estimating tool, its use is expected to expand into new services not just for roofers, but other contractors. With clearer images a roof installation – or any rooftop construction – can easily be monitored. Damage to the roof can also be easily assessed, which means the industry can expect aerial imaging to be more commonplace in roofing inspections.

Virtual education. As online education is one of the fastest growing industries today, and as demand continues to increase for virtually accessible ways to educate and train those who work in many service industries including roofing, the roofing industry can expect to see more installation, product demos, and even sales training offered through webinar, podcast, conference call, and online courses.

Drones. While the use of drones may have initially been slow to catch on, their use has expanded in many unique ways. They have been used in airports, military services, schools, and even elite sporting events like the Spartathlon, a race run from Athens to Sparta every year. So what do they offer the roofing industry? A very quick, efficient way to inspect, and offer an estimate on a roof. They also can make inspections and estimates safer as instead of climbing on a roof, a skilled contractor can simply send a drone up.

These are just a few of the many innovative ways roofing contractors have utilized technology to make their work, safer, more efficient, and more exacting. Surely many more exist, and many more are soon to be developed.

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