Three Innovative Roofing Materials You Might Not Know About Three Innovative Roofing Materials You Might Not Know About
On November 11, 2016

Three Innovative Roofing Materials You Might Not Know About

Synthetic slate roofing


While there is no shortage of roofing materials available today, there are still many more that you may have never heard of. These nontraditional roofing systems are not just versatile, but durable, and attractive – many enhancing the style of the home.

Here’s a look at what the nontraditional side of the roofing industry has to offer: 

Synthetic slate roofing. Synthetic slate roofing tiles look just like traditional wood shakes, but a look inside reveals that they are nothing like wood shakes. For one thing, they are made from a plastic polymer material that, unlike wood, is fire resistant. Synthetic slate also holds up well against wind and impact, which is why it carries a 50 year warranty. For more information on synthetic slate roofing, check out DaVinci Roofscapes.

Metal roofing that doesn’t look like metal. So you like the durability of metal but also want the aesthetic appeal of asphalt shingles? Now you can have both. Decra Roofing Systems has just released a new metal roofing that can be made to look like asphalt, wood shake, or even tile. And because the panels interlock and are screwed down, the company states the roofing system will resist winds up to 120 miles per hour. Even more, the roofing is fire and impact resistant and Decra Roofing Systems offers a 50 year warranty.

Sod, soil, grass, and vegetation. When it comes to the roof, the biggest concern most homeowners share is that, at some point, it will leak. But for owners of a green roof, this is rarely a problem. Why? Because as some green roofs use as much as 20 inches of soil upon which to build a vegetative base, the combination of soil and plants provides a perfect barrier even in very wet climates. And according to a recent Forbes article, green roofs are actually nothing new. Not just have they been in existence for over 70 years, unlike what many people think, they are not difficult to maintain, costly, or complicated. And with their recent explosion in the market, they are also no longer just for ecobuffs.

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