Four Surprising Things About Saw Tooth Roofs Four Surprising Things About Saw Tooth Roofs
On December 17, 2016

Four Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Saw Tooth Roofs

Saw tooth roofsSaw tooth roofs are often mistakenly called split level roofs, because well yes, the levels are split. But a saw tooth roof is actually much different than a split level roof. With a series of equally pitched surfaces, saw tooth roof, for one thing, actually looks like the edges of a saw.

Here are four other surprising facts you probably didn’t know about saw tooth roofs:

The saw tooth roof was originally adapted for power-weaving during the industrial revolution as many new daylight factories were in need of good natural lighting for their manufacturing processes. Additionally, the large areas of enclosed space required to house machinery were well served by a saw tooth roof design

The saw tooth design has won praise for its potential for renewable energy. Judges of the British Construction Industry’s highlighted the distinctive shape as it offers potential for solar panels to be installed.

A saw tooth roofs glass panels should face away from the equator in order to block the light and heat of direct sun exposure and provide uniform, natural light over a large area.

As interest in the use in solar panels has grown, saw tooth roofs have seen a resurgence because they can be designed to maximize the sun rays while also offering increased natural lighting. While saw tooth roofs once were a thing of the past, in years to come, you might just be seeing a few more of those oddly shaped rooftops.

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