Three Common Overlooked Roof Repairs Three Common Overlooked Roof Repairs
On December 7, 2016

Three Common (Yet Overlooked) Roof Repairs

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A major storm that destroys siding, tears back shingles and results in massive leaks is not hard to miss. But what about the less obvious roof repairs? In fact, when it comes to roof repairs, these small, seemingly insignificant problems can often lead to even larger repairs down the road – because they are so often overlooked.

So how do you not miss roof repairs that could lead to later damage?

Start with these four:

One Missing Shingle. One missing shingles seems like it wouldn’t be that damaging. After all it’s only one. However, your roof is not designed to work without shingles. When even one shingle is missing, water can seep into your underlayment, roof beams, and even your home’s walls. All from one shingle. And then what you are left with is not just a roof repair, but possibly water damage, mold, and even structural home repair.

Standing Water. Everybody has a little standing water on their roof after a storm right? Wrong. A well designed roof should always direct water into the gutters and downspouts, and ultimately off of the surface of the roof. Water that stays on your roof will undoubtedly lead to a roof leak. It’s that simple. Leave water on your roof long enough, and you will have a leak. So when you see standing water on your roof, it’s not a sign of a recent storm, but rather a sign of a poorly designed roof – and one that needs to be repaired.

Damaged Gutter. Gutters aren’t that important right? After all, water will roll off your roof anyway right? Well, yes, unless you have a damaged gutter. When a gutter is damaged it effectively stops the flow of water, holding it in the gutter where it can seep into your roof’s eaves, siding, and down your walls. All from one broken gutter. So when you notice one of your gutters broken, don’t put it on that not that important repair list.

Mature Trees Overhanging Your Roof. Most people rarely consider trees a detriment to a roof, but actually, a mature tree that hangs over your roof can keep part of your roof in constant shade which is a perfect environment to grow mold. Even more importantly, when your roof is constantly shaded, it also stays moist which can predispose your roof to leaks. So as much as you may love those beautiful trees hanging over your roof, they can spell major damage for your roof down the road.

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