Walking on Your Roof? Follow These Three Safety Tips Walking on Your Roof? Follow These Three Safety Tips
On December 10, 2016

Walking On Your Roof? Follow These Three Safety Tips

walking on roof

Walking on  your roof? Maybe you want to check your roof. Maybe you want to check for leaks. Or maybe, you are cleaning some fallen debris.

Whatever your reason for walking on your roof,

before you do, follow these three safety tips.

  1. Use Ladder Safety. You should grab a ladder, place it against your roof and start climbing, right? Wrong. Before you put one foot on your ladder, first check that your ladder is in proper working order. Next check that you are clear of any power lines and electrical wires. Then check to be sure that your ladder is on a firm base, and leaning against the wall at a 4:1 angle ratio (one foot out for every four feet up), and that you have at least three rungs extending above the top of the roof. Lastly, always use three points of contact on the ladder – either two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot.
  1. Always Walk and Stand on the Under-Lying Roof Supports. A roof is strongest at its beams and supports. So when you walk on your roof, you want to avoid any areas between the beams where your roof might be weak (especially is there is a leak). If your roof is metal and you must stand in between the beams, always stand on the overlapping joints where the roof is double thickness.
  1. Never, ever, jump on your roof. Although it should be obvious, many a roofing injury has occurred simply because somebody moved too fast and lost their balance, or hit a weak spot in the roof and not only damaged the roof, but also got injured. So what’s the best way to walk on your roof? Slowly, and with caution.

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