Ice Dams On The Rise: What You Need To Know Ice Dams On The Rise: What You Need To Know
On January 21, 2017

Ice Dams On The Rise!


It warms up during the day and then freezes at night – repeatedly. What does this mean? Ice dams, and a lot of them.

Anytime the snow on your roof begins to melt – as it does during the day when the temperature rises – a stream of moisture drips off of your roof. That is until the temperature drops again, and that stream freezes creating an ice dam, that then blocks any further melting snow from draining off of your roof. The result? Usually a water leak.

Water can travel under your shingles, down your walls, and even into your home. So what should you do?

The first, and short answer, is don’t attempt to crawl on your icy roof yourself. However, there are a few things you can do to help prevent ice dams.

  • Use low pressure steam to cut the frozen snow and melt it off your roof.
  • Seal up any air leaks in your attic as good ventilation will help prevent ice dams from forming.
  • Use calcium chloride directly on the ice dam to help melt it.
  • Remove the snow from your roof.

So how many of these tips have you done? If the answer is none, then it might be time to call an experienced roofing contractor who can start by removing the snow from your roof. From there, you can take preventative steps to ensure that your roof remains ice dam free.

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