Seven Signs That You Should Call A Roofing Contractor Seven Signs That You Should Call A Roofing Contractor
On February 10, 2017

Seven Signs That You Should Call A Roofing Contractor

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Your roof is designed to take a lot of wear and tear. Indeed, most roofs are designed to last at least 15-20 years. However, things like high winds, hail, heavy snow, and extreme sun exposure can shorten the life of your roof. And while you can get some idea of the shape your roof is in by examining it from the ground, knowing just when to call a roofing contractor isn’t always so obvious. So here are seven signs that you should call a roofing contractor:

  • Shingles that are curling, broken, damaged, losing granulation or missing.
  • A flat roof that has patches, cracks, tears, wrinkles or blisters.
  • Roofing cement that is crumbling.
  • Flashing that is torn or buckling.
  • Ridge vents that are clogged or damaged, or have damaged flashing and shingles around them
  • Gutters that are loose, leaking, clogged, sagging, or loosely attached.
  • A chimney that is leaning, loose, damaged, or cracked, or has damaged flashing.

As always, it is best to use caution when inspecting your roof for damage, use care when working with a ladder, and avoid walking on broken or loose shingles.

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