Got A Cool Roof? Don’t Forget The Maintenance Got A Cool Roof? Don’t Forget The Maintenance
On March 3, 2017

Got A Cool Roof? Don’t Forget The Maintenance

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If you are one the many people who have converted to cool roofing, you are probably enjoying less maintenance and lower utility bills. And, for the most part, your cool roof is less maintenance.

However, there is one factor that most people overlook when it comes to the performance of their reflective roof. Pollution in the air. That’s right, smog, dust, pollen, and all those little particles in the air that you don’t see add up – and pile up on your cool roof.

Just how much are we talking here? According to a new analysis of NASA satellite data, 64 million tons of dust, pollution and other particles that have potential climate and human health effects survive a trans-ocean journey to arrive over North America each year. This is nearly as much as the estimated 69 million tons of aerosols produced domestically from natural processes, transportation and industrial sources.

Even if the air looks clean, it’s not. And what this means to your reflective roof is a lot of build-up, and as that filmy layer of pollution collects on your roof, a major loss of performance.

So what is the solution? According to Roofing Contractor, roofing contractors who install reflective roofs should also offer roof cleaning service as part of the package. Rather than having homeowners jeopardize their safety to clean their roofs, roofing contractors should simply put their reflective roofs on a service schedule to keep them performing at their peak. So if you are thinking about installing a cool roof, ask your roofing contractor if regular roof cleaning is part of the package.

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