Are You A DIY Homeowner? 3 Podcasts You Should Follow Are You A DIY Homeowner? 3 Podcasts You Should Follow
On March 15, 2017

Are You A DIY Homeowner? Three Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Want to tackle a project at home? If you answered yes, you wouldn’t be alone. Increasingly more homeowners are taking on home projects. Everything from builds to fixes and quick home renovations have become popular DIY projects. And perhaps not surprisingly, the internet has responded to the demand for more useful information on how to fix, build, and add-on with a wealth on great information in podcasts.

So here are three of the best and current podcasts for homeowners.

At Home With Bob Vila

Bob Vila has spent his career helping homeowners improve their homes, and by extension, their lives. As the original host of This Old House, Vila then went on to several other home renovation series before turning exclusively to the online world, where he now has over two million followers on Facebook, his website,, and Twitter. So whether your project is large or small expect to get the most up to date, useful information, and as always, delivered with a smile.

Home: On

Interested in home automation? If so, Home: On is for you. Focused on the connected – or smart home – every week features industry news, interesting projects, new project ideas, and useful information and educational topics, delivered by industry experts, consumers, and company executives offering their own smart products. So if connecting your home is in your future, this podcast is for you.

Fix It Home Improvement

Got something to fix? Fix It Home Improvement probably has a tip for you. With repair tips and product recommendations, evolved from years of experience remodeling homes and helping customers at hardware stores, they share tips that not just make life easier for homeowners tackling a project, but also recommend the right products for the job.

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