Three Home Improvements You Won’t Regret Three Home Improvements You Won’t Regret
On March 26, 2017

Three Home Improvements You Won’t Regret


Thinking about home improvements? Chances are, you are faced with a dizzying array of options. And the question you might be asking yourself is: Which ones are the best investment? But you might pause to consider just what you mean by that question. After all, not all value is measured in green. There are many home renovations that may not pay for themselves on paper, but solve a major problem, or add some serious convenience in your life.

So maybe a better question is: Which home renovations will I not regret? To help you, here are three:


A Home Energy Audit. This one should be a no-brainer. Why? Because a home energy audit is free, and it is designed to save you money. Once you book an appointment with an assessor, he/she will sit down with you and go through your energy expenses to find any areas where energy is being lost and improvements can be made. Things like leaky windows, poor attic ventilation, and unsealed ducts, are simple – but huge – energy savers. Even better, many energy upgrades are eligible for rebates – saving you money now and years to come.

Add An Outdoor Living Space. We know the outdoors is good for us, but bringing them closer to home can add some significant value to your home enjoyment. Just ask yourself: Where would you rather read your favorite book, on a nice screened porch, patio, or deck, lined with beautiful foliage and birds singing in the background, or on your living room couch. It is precisely this option that doesn’t just increase your home’s value, but increases how much you value the time you spend there. 

Do Some Landscaping. Your front yard is the first thing you see when you pull up to your home after a long day’s work. And when you see overgrown weeds and shrubs, cracked walkways, and flowers that look like they haven’t seen water since the 60’s, it probably doesn’t boost your mood. Consequently, should you be trying to sell your home, it’s not likely to boost your potential buyer’s mood either. But when the first thing you see when you arrive home is something that is beautiful and compliments your home, my guess is you won’t regret that investment.

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