Spring Storm Blasts Frisco and McKinney Texas Spring Storm Blasts Frisco and McKinney Texas
On March 28, 2017

Spring Storm Blasts Frisco and McKinney Texas

Frisco and McKinney Texas Storm March 26, 2017

Shortly after 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, the Justin Fire Department told people to take shelter, yet it wasn’t until later that evening that they confirmed the reason: a tornado was on its way.

The severe storm didn’t just bring a tornado. It also brought quarter sized hail to Justin, and in Frisco and McKinney, hail as large as golfball to baseball size. And for the residents of Frisco, as the sirens went off, they didn’t have to guess what that meant – severe hail damage.


According to Justin city manager, Cori Reaume, the hail damaged buildings and outdoor facilities, and several residents posted pictures of downed trees, damaged signs, windblown buildings and broken windshields on cars.

Frisco and McKinney Texas Storm March 26, 2017

Reaume elaborated that in city hall a window blew out, flag and light poles bent and broke and in a local sports complex, a set of bleachers flipped over.

And according to meteorologist Matt Stalley, this is only the beginning. Spring, Stalley notes, for many counties in Texas, such as Frisco and McKinney, means storms, hail, and hail damage. The next storm is already on its way – expected late Tuesday or Wednesday.

For local roofing companies, such as ASAP Roofing, based in Dallas, this is the busiest time of the year as storms often cause hail damage severe enough to necessitate a roof replacement. Just last year, in one of the area’s largest storms to date, several buildings lost their roofs entirely as hail completely broke through.

And after last night’s storm, many residents may just consider taking companies like ASAP up on their free roofing inspections.


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