Dallas Roofing Company Sued By Homeowners Dallas Roofing Company Sued By Homeowners
On April 17, 2017

Dallas Roofing Company Sued By Homeowners

House of Tomorrow

It’s no secret that Dallas residents have had their share of nasty tornadoes. But one predatory Dallas roofing company seems to have taken the opportunity to cash in.

In what is now being called one of the greatest roofing schemes of all time, Dallas based roofing company, House of Tomorrow, sent reps out into the field – knocking on homeowners’ doors – apparently with no intention of ever roofing their homes.

It seems, there only intention was to collect their insurance money – on the promise that they would get a new roof. But now, according to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, almost one hundred homeowners in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas lost a combined total of $400,000. And none of these homeowners got a new roof.

While the Tarrant County district attorney’s office and the Texas Department of Insurance are investigating the issue, Steven Badger, the lawyer who is suing House of Tomorrow and their predecessor, Lambcorp, gets a call from a new victim almost every day.

According to Badger, House of Tomorrow trained employees to inspect homeowners’ roofs – often telling them they needed a new roof even when it wasn’t the case –and then make promises of a “no cost roof”. Reps then got homeowners’ to sign contracts that forced them to hand over their insurance checks to the roofing company.

The reps then went even further telling homeowners that they needed to hire a public adjuster because they needed more money from their insurance company. That was right before they handed them a card for a public adjuster company that turned out to be a subsidiary of House of Tomorrow.

So while the lawsuit is moving forward, House of Tomorrow is on the brink of bankruptcy, and according to Badger, there is nothing that can be done about those homeowners left without roofs until the lawsuit gets to court. Had homeowners checked to see that House of Tomorrow had a roofing contractor’s license, however, they would have quickly discovered that they were not licensed in the state of Texas. That is, perhaps, as Badger notes, “Licensed contractors could promptly have licenses yanked for violations of the licensing act.”

But because House of Tomorrow had no such license, they was no way to regulate their business practices. The takeaway for homeowners – always check the license of any contractor knocking on your door.


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