What To Look For in A Dallas Roofing Company What To Look For in A Dallas Roofing Company
On April 3, 2017

What To Look For in A Dallas Roofing Company

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Areas like Dallas are known for a few things. Barbeque, hot summers, southern hospitality, and spring hail storms. Just last year a massive hail storm – one of the area’s largest to date – blew right through several homeowners’ roofs.

It’s events like this that often leave homeowners wondering: Who do I call?

While the natural answer is a roofing company, obviously not just any roofing company. In this case, and as is the case for most residents of counties like Frisco, McKinney, and Ft. Worth, what is needed is a roofing company that doesn’t just specialize in hail damage, but also insurance claims.

A new roof can cost as much as $70,000 depending on the size of the home and the material required. That is money that for most residents, just not possible. And yet on the other side of the equation, insurance companies can be hesitant to pay claims – especially after storms. For this reason, many write separate policies for storms, or even exclude storm damage from the policy altogether. Homeowners can often be left hanging.

And yet when storms like last year’s hit, without emergency response, the home is subject to additional damage.

So back to that question: Who do you call? Here is what you should look for in a Dallas area roofing company:

  • Specializes in hail damage
  • Is licensed in Texas
  • Has an emergency response team
  • Handles insurance claims
  • Has positive customer reviews and testimonials


Your roof is the largest investment you will make in your home. For this reason, it pays to ensure that who you call to repair or replace it is fully prepared to handle the job.


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