The One Thing You Should Do Before You Insure Your Home The One Thing You Should Do Before You Insure Your Home
On May 1, 2017

The One Thing You Should Do Before You Insure Your Home


It’s bad enough when your home is damaged by hail. But it’s even worse when you call your insurance company only to find out that they are labeling that damage “pre-existing”?

In fact, it happens all the time. According to Scott deLuise, president of Matrix business Consulting, in Bloomfield Colorado, “Coverage scope and exclusion are a big deal.” deLuise points to the fact that many insurance companies now have standard exclusions for wood shake roofs.

DeLuise explains, “There are different variations. Insurers are trying to limit liability for all types of roof claims for wind or hail or anything other than fire. The only way they can do this is by changing types of coverage.”

Policy changes such as this, deLuis contends, set a really bad criteria,” and often set up homeowners for an unfair surprise at the time of damage. But how else can insurance companies get around paying for the full extent of damage? By limiting the damage section of the appraisal – in effect, stating that damage on your claim was pre-existing, and will not be included in the appraisal that is being used to support the claim.

So how do homeowners prevent this? Before insuring any home, always, always have a good quality roofer inspect your roof and get a written report before you obtain coverage. That way, you know what damage is there, and more importantly, what damage isn’t there – before any hail ever hits your home.


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