The Unseen Side of Hail Damage The Unseen Side of Hail Damage
On May 10, 2017

The Unseen Side of Hail Damage

Unseen Side of Hail Damage | ASAP Roofing

It’s not hard to find reports of hail damage like that of last Monday’s massive storm in Denver. Windows were smashed, several cars were damaged, the skylights at the Colorado Mills Mall were obliterated, and homeowners all across Denver will be looking up at their roofs today wondering just how bad the damage is.

Yet there is another side of hail damage that often goes unseen. Hail causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses for produce growers – all across the state of Colorado.


For farmers such as Mike Hungenberg, with Hungenberg Produce north of Greeley, Colorado, the damage can come in the hundreds of thousands. Just one hail storm in August of 2013, caused him a $450,000 – $500,000 loss, as it completely destroyed one of his cabbage fields that was about ready for harvest.

Dave Petrocco, who operates Petrocco Farms out of Brighton, Colo., said that the same hail storm destroyed 80 percent of the crops at his four farms in the Greeley area – damage that like that of Hungenburg, will account for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For farmers like Hungenburg and Petrocco, after the hail storm last Monday, the damage will depend on how far along their crops were, and how much they can recover before harvesting.

Adding to their frustration is that hail damage insurance isn’t available for many of their crops. Unlike multi-peril insurance for crops, or crop-revenue insurance, crop-hail damage isn’t subsidized by the government and only available through private insurers, which for most farmers, makes it too expensive to carry. Although, with losses like those of Hungenberg and Petrocco, some would argue, it is too expensive to not carry insurance.


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