Solar Energy Hits A New Milestone Solar Energy Hits A New Milestone
On June 8, 2017

Solar Energy Hits A New Milestone

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Natural gas and coal have long owned the domain of the largest national energy suppliers, yet that may soon be changing.

Solar has already gained ground in states like California where, as of March of this year an amazing 60 percent of the state’s total energy came from solar – a number that broke records – and in unexpected places like Germany, which now powers a train entirely from solar energy.

Yet in another unexpected place, solar hit a new milestone. Now, according to the National Grid, almost 25 percent of all electricity used in Great Britain comes from solar power – an amazing 8.7 gigawatts. Paul Barwell, chief executive officer of the Solar Trade Association concludes, “This is a colossal achievement … and sends a very positive message to the U.K. that solar has a strong place in the decarbonization of the U.K. energy sector,”

Not just does is this a record number for solar in the U.K., but also the first time solar panels generated more electricity than nuclear plants.

And perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Solar energy has experienced consistent growth fueled not just by innovation like Tesla’s new solar roof, but also a steady decrease in the cost of solar panels, making it no longer out of market reach. Further, in the U.S., more people were employed in generating electricity from solar last year than from coal, oil, and gas combined, accounting for a number larger than the total number of Americans employed by Google, Facebook, and Apple combined.

As long as the sun keep shining, it seems, solar energy will keep growing.

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