Going On Vacation? 3 Things To Do To Keep Your Home Running Going On Vacation? 3 Things To Do To Keep Your Home Running
On July 11, 2017

Going On Vacation? Three Things You Should Do To Keep Your Home Running Smoothly While You Are Away


Doesn’t a vacation sound great? Hawaii, a coastal village in Italy, or perhaps a trip through Europe? Before you get excited and pack those bags, there are three things to do before you leave to a make sure your home is in exactly the same condition when you return as when you leave. Because, well, no one wants to return to home repairs – especially the unexpected kind.

1. Unplug everything that can be unplugged.

Electronics and major appliances, although they may not look like them, are great fire hazards. Not usually a problems when you are there to contain the problem, but controlling a house fire from across the Atlantic doesn’t sound like much fun. And it can be very costly.

2. Turn That Thermostat Up.

While it may be preferable to keep your house at a cool 70 degrees when you are home, when you are away, there are two reasons to turn it up a bit. First, electricity is not cheap, and second, air conditioning units are most likely to overheat in the summer when they are stressed. And what happens when they overheat? There stop working and you return to one hot house, and an unexpected repair.

3. Turn Off Your Water

Unless you have someone house sitting, or your pipes are in danger of freezing, there is no reason to have your water running when you are gone. That is unless you want to risk having a pipe break, and a water leak, or in the worst case scenario, a flooded house.  


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