Three Unique Ways to Invite The Sun Into Your Home Three Unique Ways to Invite The Sun Into Your Home
On August 30, 2017

Three Unique Ways to Invite The Sun Into Your Home

The Solar Eclipse 2017 was a unique event that not only captured our attention, but also reminded us of just how magnificent nature can be. In celebration of last week’s solar eclipse, here are three ways to invite the sun into your home.

1. Lutron Contract Roller Manual and Motorized Shades. There is nothing better than shades that help your manage the sun’s glare, except Lutron’s new motorized shades. These shades don’t only reduce solar heat gain, but they can also be coordinated with a Lutron lighting control system, or controlled by hand-held or wall-mounted Lutron keypads. They are available in sizes up to 12’ wide and up to 20’ tall, and are manufactured with aluminum tubes to prevent possible rust stains on the fabric. Even better, Lutron new shades come in a wide variety of fabrics – everything from dual-sided, blackout, sustainable, or high-performance.

2. Atmos, Innerscene Skylight. Ever wish you could work outside? Atmos Innerscene Skylight just about makes that possible. By simulating natural light and the process of sunrise to sunset through a simulated 3D sun and moon, this skylight redefines natural light. Available in a standard size–24.7” wide by 41” long, or customized to specific dimensions by attaching multiple Atmos arrays, the skylight features a slim 8.7” profile to allow for installation in ceilings that are less than 12” deep. Installation options include: drop ceiling, wall, pendant, or flat or pitched ceiling. And while the skylight uses 180W and provides a sun illuminance of less than 2,500 lux at 6’, a sky brightness of 4,800 lumens, and a moon brightness or 0.3 lux, it can also be dimmed to customize brightness, offering just the amount of sunlight you desire.

3. Sun Tunnel Skylights, Velux. Have a pitched roof? Then Velux’s Sun Tunnel Skylights will help you make the most of the sun’s rays. Available in 10” and 14” models they utilize redirecting angles in the impact-resistant dome to optimize sunlight from every direction throughout the day. Also, they come with a Flexi-Loc assembly system that uses clips instead of screws for easy installation. And the best thing about them is the diffuser options – frosted, prismatic, and Fresnel – which mean that you can customize the amount of sunlight that enters your home.


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